Studionaut Terms of Use

This is an agreement between you, Studionaut users (hereinafter: user, you) and owners, app developers, Studionaut d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as 'Studionaut'). The user must carefully read the Studionaut terms of Use, or Studionaut application terms (hereinafter: Terms of Use). If you do not agree to the terms of use, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE THE DOCUMENT, DO NOT CONTINUE TO REGISTRATION AND DO NOT USE Studionaut (hereinafter: application, service). Terms of Use apply to all Studionaut web sites with the domains,

1. Your Studionaut account

By registering into Studionaut, a user account is created. A person can create only one UserView Studionaut account. It is possible to add or expand the UserView account to the ManagementView Studionaut account. Adding a ManagementView account to the UserView account will not change the characteristics of the main UserView account. The UserView and the ManagementView account are different by the functionalities they comprise. The UserView account is free of charge. The ManagementView it’s a payable account.

Users should not disclose information about a user account to third parties. The user is responsible for the confidentiality of his account information. In the event of abuse of the user account, it is necessary to immediately notify to Studionaut to these email addresses: or

2. Adoption of agreement and registration requirements

The user agrees to provide true, accurate, complete and up-to-date information about himself and about his company. In case of inaccuracy, shortcomings or non-availability of data, Studionaut reserves the right to terminate the user account.

2.1. Studionaut applications cannot be used in the following cases:

Persons to whom the use of Studionaut services has been terminated in the past due to violation of the Studionaut terms of privacy (data policy) or of the Studionaut terms of use.

3. Personal data protection

Studionaut undertakes to use user data, as prescribed in the Studionaut Privacy Policy, published on the Studionaut Website ( and submitted to users before registering the Studionaut Account.

The user, owner of the ManagementVew version of the account, must, when enrolling his clients, request a submit (to his clients) for signature for the Studionaut Terms of Use and the Studionaut Privacy Policy. This must also be done in the event that they submit these conditions in a manual signature in paper form.

4. Third party websites or providers

The Studionaut website may include links that are third-party ownership. Studionaut is not responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of these pages and does not assume any responsibility for the content of these pages. If a user chooses to visit these pages through a link on the Studionaut website, he will do so at his own risk and responsibility.

5. Exclusion of liability

Studionaut web sites are set up and maintained with the utmost care. Nevertheless, the Site Manager cannot guarantee the accuracy or correctness of all information on the pages. All information on the website may be changed without prior notice.

Similarly, the Site Manager does not accept any liability for any damages that may result, directly or indirectly, from the use, improper operation and / or inaccessibility of such websites.

Studionaut is not responsible for any input and / or modification of data that might be incurred if the owner of the Studionaut account transmits its access (account/username and password) to third parties.

6. Terms of use for the test versions of the application and the test period

The test version of the application is intended for free testing the basic functionality of the Studionaut application. The test version of the application has a limited set of functionalities. The test version is activated by registering the Studionaut account via the Studionaut pricelist or by agreement with Studionaut. It is valid from the moment of registration until the moment specified on the price list or in agreement with Studionaut. After the end of the test period, the user may decide to switch to a paid Studionaut version or to terminate the test period. All data entered will be deleted if the test period is interrupted. During the test period, not all services are included, and if the user would like to use the unattended function immediately, the user will have to terminate the test period and go to a paid version of Studionaut.

7. Payments of fees

Fees (subscriptions) and service price lists for the ManagementView account version are published on the Studionaut website ( Fees, prices of services may be subject to change. Fees, service prices and payment methods can be a matter of agreement with each User individually. The user settles the payment of fees in advance for a leased package or a form of service that will enter into force after the expiry of the agreed test period or from the confirmation of the service (purchased package) on the price list. The user undertakes to pay the Studionaut fee within fifteen days from the ManagemetView account subscription. The user will provide all the information that is legally required to issue an invoice. The user will ensure that the invoice information is accurate and up to date. All fees will be paid in euros (EUR).

There are no charges for the UserView version of the account because the account is free.

8. Service termination conditions

The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of registration of the payable version of Studionaut and shall remain valid until the moment of validity of the paid fees. Regardless of the reason for the service termination some data may remain in the backup copies of the Studionaut application.

8.1. Terms of termination of the Studionaut account (services) by Studionaut

If the user of the ManagementView version of the account violates the conditions stated in other articles or because of general unlawful conduct and if he does not renew the service on the Studionaut service within the estimated time on the account, Studionaut reserves the right to terminate access to the Studionaut services and to delete all the data entered by the user. However, this user can continue to use the UserView account. If an ManagementView user has invited users to use UserView or if they have themselves registered to use the UserView Studionaut application and they agree to the Studionaut terms of use and Studionaut Data policy their account will not be terminated by Studionaut.

8.2. Conditions for interrupting the Studionaut account (Studionaut services) by the user

If s user of the Studionaut account would like to terminate the account or Studionaut services they can do that by sending a notice with the intention to terminate the service to the email address: or in the manner presented on the Studionaut website. In the event of account or service termination by the user from the Studionaut account, Studionat will delete all the data entered by the user within 90 days.

If an ManagementView user has invited users to use UserView or if they have themselves registered to use the Studionaut account and subscribed to the terms of use their UserView account will not be terminated from the Studionaut account even if the ManagementView account user that invited them was cancelled.

In case the user of the UserView account terminates the use of the Studionaut account, its data, accounts, history, messages, etc., entered by the ManagementView user will remain and will continue to be accessible as history of the ManagementView user that created them.

8.3. Conditions for freezing the payment of fees

The User and Studionaut may agree to freeze or suspend subscription or subscription fees for the agreed period without interrupting the Studionaut service and deleting data. Without the agreement of Studionaut, the account cannot be frozen or temporarily terminated. If someone interrupts the Studionaut payroll account, they will be able to activate a new account only after 6 months.

9. Billing services through Studionaut services

Services that include payment tools and hardware designed for use by the user for use with its customers are not the subject of this agreement and are dealt with in separate agreements depending on the package or form of service the user chooses.

This agreement is not linked to terms of use for the cash payment segment (“fiscal verification payments”), credit / debit card payments or any other cash and non-cash payments. By confirming this agreement, the user agrees and acknowledges that the invoices and all other references to payments are for informational purposes only and are not intended as relevant records for the execution of payments.

In the event that there are conflicts between these conditions and additional agreements, priority shall be given to what is stated in the additional agreements.

10. Final provisions

Terms of use of the service are an integral part of the subscription contract. These terms and conditions shall take effect from the date of registration of the user. These conditions are published on the website

Studionaut d.o.o. 13.5.2018.