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It's a homepage of the application. Here you have a quick (first) preview of events and their participants.

Dashboard POPUP

This is detail look of the event. From here you can see the names of the participants, their credit status and see communication history. You can also send individual or group emails/SMS.

Dashboard POPUP - Credits

Quick preview of the credit status (positive or negative).

Active Packages

Preview of the participant packages and possibility of booking them from here.

Unplaned Visits

Preview of the participants unplanned visits.


In this tab you can see your staff and their information, permission, description.



EDIT Staff

You can set instructor/staff permissions, what they can see and use in managment view.


Here is the preview of your members. You can filter them, export them and send individual or group emails/sms.

member info

Besides member basic info, you can see his/her package history, communication history and you can set guardians for the children's. If the member has guardian status, you can see his/her children and easily switch between them.


In this tab you can create Calendar events.


First you create event (name and description).


Then you create packages (price, credits,..) and discounts.


Then join them together in calendar event.


You can create groups. Groups allows you to put together many events with one package.


In this tab you can see all of you active packages, unplanned visits and package history. You can filter them by member name,.. There is also quick preview of credit status.

Active Packages

In active packages there is basic preview information. Beside that you can direct book or pay ( go to invoices) this person active package.

Unplanned visits

This is the case, if someone came on the event for the first time or unplanned.


In the cart you can create bills or reservations. Join packages with unplanned visits.


Preview of all paid and unpaid bills. From here you can export, send and print them.


You can create reports with statistics.


You can create archives for the previous years seasons.

app view for your clients


studio calendar

You clients can see your calendar where they can see, subscribe, unsubscribe to events, waiting lists.

User calendar

You clients can see their own calendar where they can see, subscribe, unsubscribe to events, waiting lists and synchronise it with google, outlook calendar.

User packages

Your client can see their packages, credits and visits history.

User invoices

Your client can see their current invoices, reservations and invoices, reservations history.